Our Values

There are a lot of talented accountants out there. We think you’ll find that our way doing things sets us apart from the rest.

At Anchor Bay Accounting, we believe:

Being accessible means more than just being available.
For us, being reachable is important, but being approachable is crucial. Our clients love that we’re flexible, reliable and able to help in a pinch. But, they like us even more because we’re easy to talk to and ready to listen.

“Bean counting” is only part of the equation.
We’re experts at maintaining tidy books, stress-free payroll and timely, penalty-free returns. But our real expertise is our willingness to teach you what your numbers mean. Peace of mind comes from knowing the paperwork is taken care of. True security comes from the confidence gained from understanding your business inside and out.

The stereotype of “The Accountant” really is just a stereotype.
We know the jokes and we know what you think about us. But we’re positive that you’ll like our work as much as you like working with us. True, we get an inordinate amount of satisfaction from functional spreadsheets and flawless ledgers. But we think an engaging and personable working relationship is equally key to helping our clients succeed.