The Basics

Where is your office?

We have a conveniently located office (off of a major freeway) in southwest Seattle, but we have clients in Washington, California, Oregon -- and even as far away as England. Thanks to technology, we can help our clients wherever they're located.

How far will you travel to our office?

We are able to easily make trips to client offices located in the Seattle metro area and the Eastside. Travel charges may apply, depending on your location.

Will outsourcing my accounting and bookkeeping save me money?

For businesses that don’t require a full-time, on-site bookkeeper outsourcing makes excellent financial sense. In fact, not having to pay benefits or payroll taxes are only a few of the ways outsourcing to us is a really good idea.

Is outsourcing to Anchor Bay Accounting safe and secure?

When it comes to safety, we always follow best practices to keep your data confidential. Our computers are secured and file transfers are encrypted. Additionally, when you work with us, you’re outsourcing to an American accountant and not sending work overseas.

How do I get started using Anchor Bay Accounting?

All you have to do is contact us by phone or email and we can start discussing your needs.

How do I get files/information to you?

You can send them through our super secure portal – but you’ll have to contact us for the password, first.

What We Do

I need a temporary bookkeeper. Can you help out?

We are more than happy to provide extra assistance when you are between bookkeepers or experiencing staffing shortfalls. We can keep things running in the interim and also help you screen and interview applicants.

I have an on-site bookkeeper, but occasionally need extra assistance. Do you work with existing bookkeepers?

We are more than happy to help out during busy times, train your bookkeeping staff on best practices, or act as an extra set of eyes at year-end or as often as needed. We also offer support to many on-site bookkeepers who are still developing their skills and need only occasional assistance.

I still use paper and pencil for my accounting and bookkeeping. Can you help me select and use accounting software?

Paper ledgers and shoeboxes of receipts don’t scare us! We can help you make the transition from paper to software less daunting. The 21st century awaits your arrival.

I’m just starting my business and have no idea where to begin when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting. Can you tell me what I need to do to get started?

We love helping start-ups! You can check out everything we can do for new entrepreneurs here -- then get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs.

Help! Our books are a mess. Can you help us sort them out?

We’re an excellent clean-up crew! Computer crashes and careless past bookkeepers are no match for Anchor Bay Accounting.

I just bought QuickBooks, but have no idea how to begin – can you help me get started and show me how to use it efficiently?

QuickBooks is one of our specialties – and we’re always happy to help out.

Can you take over my payroll?

We'd love to. We handle all stages of payroll from set-up to tax reporting.

Now that you’ve helped me get my business in order, can you do the same for my personal finances?

We’re big fans of using Quicken when it comes to managing personal finances. We can set-up and configure the software to reflect your budget and teach you how to use it to easily track your spending.

I already have a CPA/tax preparer. Can I still work with you?

You certainly may -- and we bet your accountant will appreciate having accurate, well-organized records to work with. If you can save your accountant time, you'll end up saving money.

Do you do taxes?

We don’t prepare income tax returns, but we will work with your tax accountant to ensure that your tax paperwork is in order. If you don’t currently have a tax preparer, we are more than happy to make a recommendation or help you locate a reputable professional.

Can you help me with an audit?

We don’t perform audits, reviews, or compilations or provide outside opinions on your financial statements. We can offer assistance to an outside auditor, should it be needed.