Maintain Sound Books

Your books are the foundation of your business — and keeping them reliable is a necessity.  Anchor Bay Accounting’s full-charge bookkeeping service will save you money by allowing you to hand off accurate financial records to your CPA or tax preparer at year-end. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your transactions are kept up-to-date and that you can make sense of the resulting data.

Let us help you:

  • Set Up an Organized Accounting System:
    • Manage financial transactions whether you currently use a shoebox, spreadsheet, or other accounting software.
  • Keep on Top of Bookkeeping Tasks:
    • Invoice, pay bills and make deposits in a timely fashion.
    • Take care of payroll.
    • Handle business and payroll tax reporting.
    • Reconcile bank and credit card statements.
    • Automate tasks and handle data entry.
  • Eliminate Errors:
    • Spot mistakes made by in-house staff by scheduling a quarterly or annual “tune-up.”
    • Review and clean up your data files before handing them over to your tax preparer at year-end.
    • Train existing staff on your bookkeeping software and share best practices.
  • Understand Your Numbers:
    • Run customized reports that show you the data necessary for making informed business decisions.
    • Learn how to read and interpret financial statements and reports.
  • Receive Support When You Need It:
    • Reconstruct and reconcile financial data after a computer crash or careless bookkeeper.
    • Problem-solve and trouble-shoot as necessary.
    • Cover staffing shortfalls or support your in-house staff during big projects or busy periods.
    • Get the job done from wherever you’re working or wherever we’re working via office visits and remote capabilities.