Three Reasons to Outsource to Us


  • We’re independent contractors. You won’t pay for benefits, payroll taxes — or our lunch breaks.
  • We work when you have work for us. You won’t pay for slow or unproductive days.
  • We’re able to work remotely. You don’t have to worry about having extra office space or equipment.


  • We can handle routine financial tasks. You’re free focus on other aspects of running your business.
  • We don’t require intensive training or supervision. You can hand off a task knowing that it will be completed accurately and on time.

Peace of Mind

  • We are knowledgeable professionals, committed to becoming familiar with you and your business. You can relax knowing that you have a dedicated business partner.
  • We can problem-solve, trouble-shoot, and help out in a pinch. You minimize costly down-time by having extra support on days that don’t go according to plan.
  • We keep abreast of complex and changing regulations and important deadlines. You don’t have to worry about penalties and missed due dates.

Anchor Bay Accounting saved our business. An unexpected CFO transition revealed chronic record keeping and accounting deficiencies, including failure to prepare more than a year’s worth of financial statements. Nancy not only created order from chaos, she trained our people in QuickBooks in the process. And, did I mention, she did it from three states away?

~James S. O’Brien